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Archive for August 2016

Kambu Health Roadshow

Choices coordinators Merinda and Michele supported the  Kambu Health   roadshow at the Redbank Plains State School which was an important opportunity to meet with families in the local community. The roadshow enabled us to share with families of the local community the many wonderful things that our Educators and team at Choices FDC have…

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Brassall Playsession – 25th August 2016

Lots of Wiggles, Giggles and Sensory activities were the theme of our Brassall Playsession held on the 25th August.   The Benefits of Sensory Play We know that young children are oriented toward sensory experiences. From birth, children have learned about the world by touching, tasting, smelling, seeing, and hearing. Sensory play also contributes in…

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Cooking With Children

Cooking with your child can be a great way to improve their numeracy skills. You can ask them to help measure ingredients, show them what different temperatures do, and count down time. You can also discuss the importance of healthy food and help your child develop essential skills for later in life. Helping parents to…

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Raising Awesome Teens in a Chaotic, Sexualised World — Maggie Dent

The story in the media this week about the appalling behaviour of boys tracking down naked photos of girls in their schools and communities through an international website is sending shockwaves through many homes and schools. Adolescence is a time of massive change and vulnerability, and both boys and girls can be scarred deeply by…

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A great article about how we are all different in achieving our goals…It’s an important difference but this is worth reading and rereading until it sinks in. It takes a real effort—a conscious choice—to separate ourselves from that mindset. But when you adopt and practice the disciplines of high achievers, you will be better equipped…

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