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Archive for April 2017

The Pikler Approach To Optimal Early Childhood Development

Most early childhood education and care providers have heard of the Montessori approach to early learning, many will also be familiar with the Reggio Emilia philosophy and Magda Gerber’s views. However, but have you head of Emmi Pikler’s teachings. Dr Emmi Pikler was a pediatrician who lived and worked in Hungary. In 1946 she assumed responsibility…

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Learning to play the natural way – the benefits of natural resources

“The way natural resources look, feel, smell and taste all provide children with great learning opportunities whilst also ensuring they are getting a better understanding of those objects. Plastic representations do not give anything like the same possibilities. If a child’s only experience is of a plastic lemon, when will they find out that actually,…

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‘It’s important for children to learn to be cold, wet, and survive that’

“Research is showing the huge benefits of children spending time outdoors – better brain development, better bone and muscular development, better social and cognitive development, emotional wellbeing and less illness.”  There are already forest kindergartens in Australia, although here they’re more commonly known as bush kindergartens.  We love that this article is from Australia, parts…

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Healthy Eating Environments In Early Childhood Education And Care Settings

Supporting Nutrition for Australian Childcare (SNAC) is a nutrition education website which aims to support the provision of healthy eating environments in early childhood education and care settings. SNAC is currently working on a project that seeks to understand nutrition knowledge among Family Day Care Educators, with a view to informing a future intervention…

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