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Archive for September 2017

The benefits of telling tales for children

There are many benefits to exercising the imagination and one crucial one is the development of empathy through learning to place one’s self in another’s shoes……here are 8 top tips from a professional storyteller. Read more HERE

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Pathways for Early Learning

Education Minister Kate Jones visited Hervey Bay Neighbourhood Centre this month and proudly launched the $10.56 million Pathways for Early Learning and Development (PELD) program which commences in January 2018. The four-year program has been developed following the success of the Intensive Early Childhood Development (IECD) pilot which supported the early learning and development needs…

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Sustainability Books For Educators – EBook

Four Enviro Educator books are now available to purchase and download from Apple iBooks for iPads and Amazon for Kindle readers or laptops. The short sustainability books are very keenly priced and have been written for a global audience. The aim of the e-books is to provide educators with basic knowledge of sustainability to help…

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25 awesome Aussie picture books for children

If you’re looking for something great to read with your children here are 25 awesome Australian books to add to your collection (if you haven’t already. We have an amazing amount of talented authors and incredible illustrators here in Australia showcasing our beautiful country, telling our unique stories and putting our Aussie sense of humour on…

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The Anger Iceberg

Young children expressing anger, need responsive and caring adults to help them manage and identify their emotions. The Anger Iceberg shows the “primary emotions” which are often hidden below the surface. Read more HERE (Image via The Gottman Institute)

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