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Healthy Eating Environments In Early Childhood Education And Care Settings

Supporting Nutrition for Australian Childcare (SNAC) is a nutrition education website which aims to support the provision of healthy eating environments in early childhood education and care settings. SNAC is currently working on a project that seeks to understand nutrition knowledge among Family Day Care Educators, with a view to informing a future intervention…

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Lunch Box Inspiration

🥕✨🥕AVOID LUNCHBOX FATIGUE! 🥕✨🥕 Here’s some lunchbox inspiration to help avoid early onset lunchbox fatigue View Recipes Here

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Broccoli Patties

Encouraging children to eat vegetables can sometimes be a challenge. But vegetables are a vital part of a healthy diet, so it’s important to help your child enjoy them. Here is a great idea to get you started. Makes 8 Broccoli Patties Ingredients: 2 teaspoons vegetable oil 2 cloves garlic – minced 1/2 onion – chopped…

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Caring For An Allergy Child

Our children are so important and their health especially. When caring for an allergy child this can be more difficult. Take a look at  What Can I Eat  for Children’s Health Personal Care/Home Care category for some helpful product suggestions. Kylie Hollonds is the founder of the What Can I Eat Network for the past 6…

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Cooking With Children

Cooking with your child can be a great way to improve their numeracy skills. You can ask them to help measure ingredients, show them what different temperatures do, and count down time. You can also discuss the importance of healthy food and help your child develop essential skills for later in life. Helping parents to…

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