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Creating is not just a ‘nice’ activity, it Transforms, Connects and Empowers

“The act of making is optimistic.” Creativity should be encouraged across all ages, especially the early years, they become more connected, rounded and creative people. Making connects the hand, eye and brain in a very special way. It’s empowering for both maker and viewer.

If we want a world full of innovative, entrepreneurial thinkers, we need to enable and sustain making from a very young age

HERE is a great article via theguardian about creativity

Make, Build, Create: Sculpture Projects for Children by Paula Briggs is a fantastic, inspiring go-to guide for anyone contemplating making with children”.

Published by Black Dog London (April 2016), Make, Build, Create aims to remind us of the importance and pleasure of making. Make, Build, Create is a practical, beautiful and uplifting book which contains 24 fully illustrated sculpture projects for children, plus information on tools and materials that will enable a creative and open-ended exploration of key sculptural ideas.

Click for Book Details HERE


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