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Free Series! Raising Siblings: Less Drama, More Joy by Susan Stiffelman

Are you tired of trying to pay attention to each of your kids when there’s not enough of you to go around?

Struggling to help your children connect with one another?

Need help understanding how to help your older child who feels dethroned by your new baby?

Unsure how to help when your kids are fighting?

Join author Susan Stiffelman for a free series: Raising Siblings: Less Drama, More Joy.

Other speakers include Rachel Macy Stafford, Gretchen Rubin, Amy McCready, Dr. Laura Markham, Dr. Harville Hendrix, Dr. Christine Carter, Dr. Michael Gurian, Betsy Brown Braun, Janet Lansbury, Elizabeth Lesser and a host of exceptional writers, teachers, and experts in the field.

You’ll learn:
• How to handle sibling rivalry, bedroom battles and special one-on-one time for each child
• How to balance attention when there’s never enough to go around
• How to intervene in conflicts or let siblings work it out themselves
• How to support siblings when one child has special needs and the other feels shortchanged all the time
• How to coach children through conflict
• How to celebrate each child’s uniqueness
• How to use family meetings to solve sibling squabbles
• How to encourage respectful communication
• How to introduce a new baby into the family
• How to use matchmaking to foster genuine closeness
• and much more!

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