Imaginary play gives children the chance to role-play and engage in the social and emotional roles of everyday life. Whether they are pretending to be a firefighter, a superhero, or a princess, they are having experiences that allow them to view life from someone else’s perspective, creating empathy that will better equip them for social situations. When they are encouraged to play pretend with friends, siblings, or parents, they are even more likely to develop the social and cooperative skills that will help them as they grow and mature.

Imaginary play is also critical to the development of a child’s language and thinking skills. By mimicking conversations they hear while observing everyday life, children will develop their own conversational skills and make connections between their own enchanted world and real life. This connection is crucial to engaging a child’s critical thinking skills and taking them into higher level thinking.

6 Household Items To Help Your Child Imagine:

Crates and Boxes: Instead of throwing them out, let your child transform one into a playhouse, a rocket ship or a boat. Ask them where they are headed on their journey and watch them get excited about pretend play.

Old Clothing Items: Those old scarves, shoes, dresses and hats are the perfect dress up costumes for your little one. Don’t you remember strutting around in your Mum’s old high heels as a kid? Or was it Dad’s boots? Either way, they’ll love pretending to be a grown up.

Old Phone and Magazines: Kids see us use our phone to take care of business daily, so why not let them use an old one to handle a few things of their own. Playing office, house, and library are just a few they can pretend with these old items.

Kitchen Utensils: Old wooden spoons, plastic bowls, kid-friendly serving pieces make great supplies for your child to open their very own imaginary restaurant. Grab a few and let them see what they can cook up!

Stuffed Animals and Dolls: Whether Hoot and his friends are on an adventure, or the farm animals need feeding, these little guys provide never ending imaginary entertainment for little ones.

Blankets and Old sheets: Remember those old tents made of sheets that you constructed as kids: Why not give your itty bitties a chance to recreate a little of your own childhood magic. They could also use turn one into a cap and transform into a superhero in an instant.

Article Source:  The benefits of imaginary play By: Brittany Johnson | March 22, 2017