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Dental Health Week

DENTAL HEALTH WEEK is aimed for ladies this year — 1st – 7th August

This year Dental Health Week, which runs from 1st to 7th August, is focusing on the significant way that hormones can play havoc with a woman’s oral health, an especially important topic in light of a recent study that revealed that many women are unaware of the significant impact that various life stages have on the health of their teeth and gums.

The reality is that major life events like pregnancy, puberty, menstruation and menopause, dramatically affect the state of a your dental health if you are a woman.

Throughout the course of Dental Health Week, women will be encouraged to take a more preventive, hands-on approach to their dental health and learn more about the ways their teeth, gums and mouth are affected during each of the pivotal phases of their life.

For parents they feel they are losing the battle for their children’s oral health, with a particular emphasis on how the “Sugar Bandit” hides in Australian households.

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