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National Tree Day – Sunday 31 July 2016

National Tree Day is on the 31st July, it is a fulfilling opportunity to do something good for the environment. Planet Ark research shows that for every hour Australians spend on outdoor leisure activity we spend 7 hours in front of the TV or computer. The research also shows that our backyards are shrinking and the smaller our backyards, the less time we spend outdoors. Technology is everywhere these days. Research shows that when we give the bleepin’ gadgets a break and just add nature, we grow healthier, happier, brighter, calmer and closer.

So this year for National Tree Day we’re inviting you to participate at home – in your own backyard or on your balcony. All you need to do is: decide on what and where you want to plant; get and put the plants in the soil; and register your activities Click Here

You can plant native trees, shrubs or grasses to help support biodiversity or an edible garden.

Kids especially love to get their hands dirty and it is a great learning activity for them to see how plants and food grow.  Schools Tree Day is on Friday 29 July.

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