Most of us have fond memories of a childhood spent outside – climbing trees, splashing in creeks, playing cricket in the street, building cubby-houses.  We only came inside when it got dark or we got hungry.  But something has changed. In the space of a single generation, Australian children have lost the freedom of childhood, exchanged for a sedentary indoor existence dominated by electronic screens. Today’s kids spend less time outside in nature than ever before.  They no longer have the freedom or opportunity to roam outdoors.

These stories have plenty of imagination, along with bundles of energy, and the end result is lots of outdoor fun. There is also a selection of books for parents about just how important it is to let your kids get out in the sun, sand, and dirt of outdoor games and ideas on how to build more outdoor time into your family’s busy schedule

HERE is a great collection of books for children and their parents shared by A Mighty Girl on the joys of outdoor play, exploration, and discovery!