Professional Development Training – Tuesday 21.03.17

Thank you to Olwen Folker from BackChat , for sharing with us her passion for Neuroscience, as well as her Early Years focus of stimulating growth across the ‘whole brain’, not just the Speech-Language area.

The presentation focused on building children’s brains with lots of ‘talk talk talk’, ‘read read read’ and ‘play play play’. Olwen referred to her Backchat Programs Baby BackChat and The Sound Hound which target the premise that repetitive joint action routines, in conjunction with physical exercise, can create ‘increased’ Neuroplasticity, the growth of hundreds of millions of new connections, in a young child’s brain.

Our Backchat PD session was a great night and enjoyed by families, educators, community and staff who attended. Here at Choices Family Day Care, we have already seen changes in our little ones, children with not just limited language, but reduced engagement, cognition and social interaction. They become stimulated across the ‘whole brain’ and their faces light up as they join in with the repetitive joint action routines, which become predictable and automatic, so they encourage success.  We believe that “by engaging children in high quality, research-based early intervention programs, we can support children’s diverse needs”.