Choices Family Daycare and BackChat Speech Pathology are thrilled to announce that our joint submission to Family Day Care Australia has been accepted, Olwen Forker and our very own Educational Leader Merinda Meares will present “Early Intervention with a Twist: a Neuroscience-based approach to closing the 30 Million Word Gap” at the National Family Daycare Conference in September 2018.

BackChat Speech Pathology is a specialised consultancy which works solely in the areas of Early Intervention, and School-Aged Literacy and Learning. BackChat’s head clinician Olwen Forker has eighteen years paediatric clinical experience, and has worked within a range of general and more specialised centres.

Olwen is a passionate believer in Neuroscience, and her Early Years programs focus on stimulating growth across the ‘whole brain’, not just the Speech-Language area. Baby BackChat and The Sound Hound target the premise that repetitive joint action routines, in conjunction with physical exercise, can create ‘increased’ Neuroplasticity, the growth of hundreds of millions of new connections, in a young child’s brain.

Here at Choices Family Day Care, we have already seen changes in our little ones, children with not just limited language, but reduced engagement, cognition and social interaction participating in the BackChat programme. They become stimulated across the ‘whole brain’ and their faces light up as they join in with the repetitive joint action routines, which become predictable and automatic, so they encourage success. We believe that “by engaging children in high quality, research-based early intervention programs, we can support children’s diverse needs”.

If you would like to more about BackChat’s Early intervention programme you can view their website HERE