Families can now calculate the level of fortnightly financial support they can expect to receive under the new Child Care Subsidy using Centrelink’s Payment and Service Finder. (The revised Payment and Service Finder replaces the previous “new Child Care Subsidy online estimator”, which is no longer available)

The government has recently announced that the default withholding rate under the new Child Care Subsidy would be reduced to 5% for all families. This follows feedback from the ECEC sector about the potential impact a 10% withholding rate could have on families who receive less than the maximum benefit of their entitlement up-front, particularly those on lower incomes, as well as on child care business arrangements.

However you will need to include your ECEC service’s hourly rate to get the correct calculation – if you are unsure of this you will need to contact your childcare service or ask your Educator.
here’s how this can be worked out. 👉HERE

Please share with anyone you know with a child in childcare as this will effect many families both in positive and negative ways and we want all families every where to be prepared!

You can read Minister Simon Birmingham’s media release👉  HERE