Recently, 17 early childhood educators from our local community, participated in the first of the The Smith Family Let’s Count professional learning program in Ipswich.

Throughout the program, educators are supported to develop the math’s skills of the children in their care by noticing, exploring, and talking about numbers, counting, measurement and patterns in their daily lives.

Let’s Count includes a free professional learning program for early childhood educators, which involves educators attending two full-day workshops. The program also includes resource kits for educators and tip sheets for families. The feedback from participants was overwhelmingly positive.

If Educators or Parents are interested in being part of a future training day, please ring  the Choices Family Daycare  office on 3151 2007. We will be happy to arrange further Let’s Count training sessions.

“I wish that everybody had the opportunity to do Let’s Count. The program helps young children with the concepts of maths and assists with school readiness.” Annette Steley, Choices FDC.

More information about the Let’s Count program can be viewed HERE