New Child Care Subsidy – PARENTS are you ready?

Over the coming weeks the Government will be contacting you in regards to completing the activity test via the My Gov website.

This activity test is one of the three factors that will determine the level of Childcare Subsidy (CCS) your family is entitled to come into effect July 2, 2018.

It is very important that you are ready and complete the activity test, as the total amount of subsidised care your family is entitled to will depend on the hours of activity you complete each fortnight. Casual workers will be requested to work out an average over 3 months.

In two parent families, both parents (unless exempt), must meet the activity test. In the case where both parents meet the activity test, the parent with the lowest work hours will be used to determining the hours of subsidised care for the child.

WHEN DETERMINING YOUR ACTIVITY TEST HOURS, YOU NEED TO ENSURE YOU INCLUDE ANY TRAVEL TIME AND LUNCH BREAKS. For example if you work 28 hours per week over 4 days and have an hour lunch break plus an hour travel to and from work (from the service/centre to work and back) then your Activity Test hours would be 36 hours.

More information can be sourced HERE