Families are required to notify the Dept Human Services if your child is attending Prep in 2017 in Queensland as services such as Family Daycare or Centres are not authorised to update this information on behalf of families.   CONTACT DETAILS:  phone 13 61 50

Schooling Percentage

The schooling percentage is 85 per cent of CCB entitlement for a school child and 100 per cent for a non-school child.

A school child is one who:

  • attends primary or secondary school or
  • is on a break from school (for example, during school holidays) and will return to primary or secondary school after that break.
  • A school child for CCB purposes includes children who attend these classes at primary school

In addition to this, the DHS will deem a child to be a school child for CCB purposes, from the date of their sixth birthday.

A non-school child is a child who is not yet a school child.

Exception provisions apply to children aged six or more who are unable to attend school where the child:

  • has a disability and is exempt from attending school or is six years of age but is to start school at a particular date in the future (generally to coincide with the beginning of a new school term).

The DHS applies the schooling percentage when calculating fee reductions based on information provided by the family and the age of the child. You do not need to report this information.

Reference:  Child Care Services Handbook 2013 – 14

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