Our services are active members of  Small Green Steps program which is designed to embed sustainable practices across your services and meet the National Quality Framework environmental objectives.

We are committed to protecting our environment to ensure a sustainable future for our children and through continuous improvement we strive to be better tomorrow than we are today.  Each of our Services  actively participates in caring for our environment and promotes sustainable practices through educating and working with the children, families and wider community.

Learning about sustainability starts with everyday practice. Babies and toddlers can begin by watching adults model these behaviours. They may learn through song or rhyme as educators verbalise what they are doing. Children over three can begin to reason why practices are needed and to understand the impact that their actions have on the planet.

Our Children – are our future and will be the caretakers of our environment.  Sustainable practices are embedded in the children's daily routine and in their day-to-day activities, these include:

  • Using recyclable materials where possible.
  • Encouraging children to use half flush on the toilets,
  • Encouraging children to turn the water off when they have washed their hands,
  • Encouraging children to recycle paper and rubbish,
  • Talking with the children about electricity and encouraging them to turn off lights,
  • Educating children in the natural decomposition cycle eg worm farms and composting food scraps,
  • Educating children in how to care for pets
  • Educating children on caring for plants and our waterways i.e. recycling water etc